Working Session Number Two

Midweek evening service at Crosspoints. Beth in her stark white cast walking delicately to a front pew. Smiles and welcomes all around. Numbers significantly up. Keith taking a wooden stack-a-chair to a point one-third of the way down the centre aisle.

"Welcome friends to a week of bubbling, new considerations, hope...that Jesus might be honoured. I hear that you enjoyed your visit with the young pastor from Calvary Temple. That your curiosity is stirred. That this pastor could get out of the way for you to make glorious discoveries on your own. I am thankful.

On the way out you should take a copy of the list of suggestions for change being circulated. Right by the back centre door. Harry has a bunch of them.

Perhaps you have heard that things are being stirred at Craig's church. I have met with Todd Bushnell, back from vacation, and the two of us are considering how the assemblies might operate together in this period of new light. Apparently many living rooms have been opened for discussion and prayer. Many Bibles have been taken off the shelf. Friends and workmates, perhaps unacquainted with church, are now responding to the invitation to "come, see".

We are in a time of precious privilege. We will not manipulate it or hype it. We are stepping out of the way for movements of God. I am reminded of things which I have read concerning other revivals where pastors have left the pulpit, taken an obscure seat at the sidelines, prayed and let the people confess what God was doing.

Reports are coming in that right now, as we sit here together, marriages are being healed, parents and children are coming closer, bodies are being mended, abusive habits are being kicked, anxious inquirers are sitting down over coffee to hear the Good News. This is no exaggeration. We must respect this time and keep short accounts with God concerning our stumblings.

Right now if you have a word of good report, a striking piece of scripture, a prayer request, a comment on this move of refreshment in our midst, the microphone is yours. I believe that Beth, my wife-on-the-mend will start us off..."


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