Bones and Thoughts

Bones and thoughts
Are briefly giv'n us.
Bones and thoughts
For this short span.
Bones to play
And render service.
Thoughts to delve
The scope of man.
Bones to sling
The trowel and mortar.
Bones to draw
The waters cool.
Bones to plant
The seed and harvest.
Bones to bully
And to rule.
Thoughts to better
Each month's tally.
Thoughts distilling
Beauties bright.
Thoughts to cheer
A struggling neighbour.
Thoughts to favour
Or to fight.

But the bones
Will stop their clatter.
And the thoughts
Will disconnect.
And beneath
Them both a whisper
Fiends and fools
Can scarce detect.
Softly vowing,
"There is more yet."
Which the Spirit
Yearns to give
To the hearers
Of that whisper.
"Children, come and
Trust and live."


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