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Our purpose is to put into a format, easily referenced, some thoughts concerning revival for the church. A story is told of a young pastor's family compelled to challenge their congregation to a new level of worship, testimony and service. To stop attending a "Sunday show" and to start to operate in real compassion, transparency and burden bearing. This requires a new visitation in the Spirit and sovereign initiative of God. Our hunger and honest supplication play a part.

Essentially I have collected all the posts from this blog under the label "Surgeons Cut" and have re-packaged them with some additional insights. I have no special skill to be making these recommendations. I am sure that some with years in pastoring or other leadership will look at the package and suspect naivete. I almost did not take the step, but visitor response to these articles did suggest that they were proving beneficial.

In many places I hear people in the Church expressing an expectation of God's new move- for evangelism, for signs and wonders, for inner-city renewal, for an ignition of our youth, for healing of marriages, for more participatory worship giving occasion to the unexpected, for blessing God with new dedication. May this little story of "Keith and Beth's Church" play a part.


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