Press On, Ilya and Janet

A recent review of statistics in viewership of this blog showed a renewed interest in a post of November 2009. It concerned a missions outreach and church in Siberia, receiving help from the Teen Challenge organization and others.

Pastors Ilya and Janet Bantseev have a remarkable story to tell of revival and infusion of the life of Christ into a drug-hazed culture. I thought I should add a picture of the couple to the article, and I discovered through Google Images another blog which has given them attention, but in a negative slant. That blog has the purpose of "putting evangelicals under the microscope". It is obviously stirred by the spirit of anti-Christ. Holds itself out as investigative reporting. Uses ideas from my article to suggest that Ilya and Janet are handling poorly some conflict in their neighbourhood (A businessman who is upset by some of the activities of the church. Ilya knows very well that this detractor may become a brother in the family of faith. He prays.).

That blog writer demonstrates his low level of understanding of mission initiatives. There is a battle with the spirit of the world which would say, "sit down, shut up and go back behind your bricks and mortar".

It is quite clear however that the Bantseev couple do not need my advocacy. Prayers yes. Advocacy no. The spiritual glow and clean, direct gaze of the face of Ilya will tell the story of his motives, his mandate and his methods. I spoke briefly with the man at the time of the earlier posting on this blog. I sensed the aroma of Christ.



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