What's In That Apple?

Just finished a helpful book by Josh McDowell and Thomas Williams (2003). It challenges the Post-Modern world view with some very convincing illustrations. Throws in some well-placed shots at evolutionary thinking along the way.

Recent views of tolerance and the disappointing inflexibility of rules have made numbers leave the world of fixed absolutes for "Whatever reality turns you on". The yardsticks are gone. After all, we originated out of chaos (the Darwinian view) and out of non-living matter, and have moved through a twisting path of coincidences.

I am reminded of a book on Creation Science entitled "From the Goo to You By Way of the Zoo".

But how does this pragmatic "scientific" view account for our undeniable responses to guilt, beauty, affection, moral law and search for purpose? They just don't fit into the evolutionary puzzle. Observations all around point to entropy and not to the irrepressible improvement of things. Clearly there has been a Fall.

Much of the book is taken up with examining the need for an uncreated Initial Cause, a foundational Absolute. I am reminded of the work of astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle. At university I was required to read one of his books entitled The Black Cloud. It was an atheist's explanation of the creation of universes through the wanderings of various masses of electro-chemical energy. This one had gotten threatenly close to earth and the race was on for preservation of the planet, and for possible dialogue with this Intelligence. It could register logic but not emotion. Incidentally, Hoyle was converted to Christianity and became an enthusiastic apologist (as did Josh McDowell).

In addressing the idea that all truth is relative the writers of this book took the example of an ordinary apple. Experience, upbringing or pre-conception caused some to imagine that the apple was fresh, crisp, sweet and juicy. Others could only expect that it was dry, flavourless and worm-eaten. Both could not be right. One bite would provide the answer. The apple was what it was.

Much of truth in the world view is what it is. God the Creator and Sustainer of life being the first consideration.


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