Get It Out There!

I had wanted to spread the message of God's measures for us being far beyond our wildest imagination. I remember vividly the impression once received from Isaiah 52 and 53 that the input of the foretold "suffering servant" would be a startling discovery.

The prophet speaks in terms of a corporate body being in receipt of the blessing. This must also be our point of view; God ever moving The Body forward to its appointed destiny. As one member is blessed, we rejoice. As one member is strained in adversity, we weep. We were not meant to be fixed on the individual. It is for the grasping world and not the Church to be saying, "Yeah, but what have you done for ME today?" Most North American assemblies cannot get this oriental spirit of community into their fabric.

Oh, but if we could! There would come to mind and heart all of the stories of blessing, victory, noble endeavour, conditioned power and Christ-likeness to be found throughout history and throughout the planet. And we would have our place in all of it. We would not be detached and waiting desperately for the big blue star to go up opposite our name on the board.

It was with this in mind that I penned the poem "But Still...". (February 21, 2010)

It was with this in mind that I produced the ebook "Goodness, Startling".

In those times when I worry childishly about my own pot of trouble, God will eventually pick me up with thoughts of His marvelous creation, His artistry, His Church in various forms of joyful manifestation world-wide, His unfailing promises being worked out as years progress, His love through the Cross and Empty Tomb.

I am startled and revived.


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