Hallowe'en Draws a Blank

Just won't address it. Never have recognized it in the twenty-four years here in Waterloo. Kids went without. Neighbours encountered a dark, empty house. Blair family out for dinner or wanderings through a mall.

It is hard to imagine the social pressure wrapped up in this celebration of the ghoulish and ungodly; "Oh, you don't go out for Hallowe'en? Cheapskate. No fun at all. Our kids deserve your shell-out of candy. Have a good mind to soap your back windows!"

Even the churches cave in with their "protected" costume parties, apple bobbing, compromised movies and games. The faithful give out tracts at their front door. Better to ignore the night. Little else is as disturbing as a leering Jack O' Lantern on the front steps of a household of faith. Stand, rather, on the side of light against darkness.

Recognize that most of the adult parties thrive on lust and fantasy in cheap, skimpy costumes. Recognize that the occult-cluttered front lawns, lighting and taped screams celebrate the ENEMY.

"Oh, come on Doug, lighten up."

"I am."


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