Passion Flower

It's a beautiful thing to see. Five vivid petals, memorializing the five woundings of our Saviour's body, by forged metal and stabbing thorns.

Two hands, two feet, one brow, wounded for our transgressions.

But one day, meditating upon this, it came to me. There were other wounds. The mutilated back bearing the terrible signatures of scourging. The spear wound to the side, confirming that the victim had indeed died.

Perhaps a flower should have been chosen which presented seven vivid petals. Seven, the number of perfection, the perfectly accomplished work of redemption.

There are other messages in the additional two. Isaiah said in chapter 53 that "by His stripes (lashmarks) we are healed". Can we look for bodily healing in the atonement?

Physicians have commented that the issues of blood and water out of the spear-wound co-mingled, confirm an internal rupture which accompanies death and the breaking of a heart. This wonderful rabbi, Jesus, who spoke such glowing words of promise, who ministered comfort and healing to the afflicted, was truly human. He could hurt. He could die. He dwelt in our skin.

But then He arose to live ever more! And to be "in our corner".

Note: After posting this article I took another look at the picture. Another discovery! The flower has three pistols, wherein rests the reproductive power. A whispering of the Trinity perhaps?


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