Are You Being Shorn?

Judges 16 tells the sad story of the decline of the mighty Samson. His confession to the woman of the source of his God-given strength led to his stripping, humbling, imprisonment and death. ‘He wist not that the Lord had departed from him.’

How is it that we might be stripped of our gracious enabling?

1. We might pamper a favourite sin or lust.
2. We might be weighed down with the handicap of self-pity.
3. We turn to the counsel of men who have not the Spirit.
4. We become afraid of the reproach of men.
5. We lose the steadfast position after a lengthy period of walking in unglamorous circumstances.
6. Are you fatigued, stressed without rest?
7. Are you standing in your own strength without the prayer and under-girding of friends?
8. Are you stuck in the memory of past victories and not looking for “fresh oil”?
9. Do you feel that you are under-appreciated?
10. Do you believe that your situation is so extraordinary, no one could help you?
11. Do you engage in foolish jesting?
12. Are you unwilling to learn from past mistakes?

The insistent Delilah found the way to his anointing, and used several of the above entrapments. The strong man could not break his bonds. He was blinded and reduced to tedious manual labour. Until the day came, after much repentance and pleading, for him to accomplish his final victory. And three thousand Philistines were slain, as the building collapsed with Samson's push.


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