Hey, Mountain View California!

I notice often in the viewer analytics of this blog the location of Mountain View. I wonder who is visiting frequently from there? An individual, several friends, a church?

Throughout I have been determined just to throw the thoughts out there in the hope of clarifying, comforting or encouraging someone's approach to Christ and to indomitable hope.

I am reminded of Peter the Apostle saying that he wished to put his correspondents 'into remembrance'. So much of what I have written is not original thinking. But it has been sifted and weighed in light of my experiences and struggles.

If the friend/s in Mountain View would care to drop me a short email, I would be happy to learn how this blog has been received or proved a blessing or challenge. The same holds true for any other reader. Any communication would be kept in confidence. Perhaps a small dialogue developed. Happy reading, searching, praying and discovering to all!


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