The Pre-Eminent Day

Genesis 1:

5b And the evening and the morning were the first day.

In such fashion creation began.

But the perfect day is the Gospel of the life of our Saviour.

It begins with night. A young couple, expectant with child, hurry into the busy town. No room in the Inn. This should be a joyous time but there are complications. The awkwardness of the unprecedented pregnancy. The weariness of the journey by donkey to comply with the census edict. The virtuous and devout young mother made to feel invisible and an offscouring in a strange town. The strained young husband thinking about the awesome demands of fatherhood shortly to come upon him. The absence of any mid-wife to help in the ordeal fast approaching. The toss-of-the-coin decision to accept the foul-smelling manger with the docile beasts. And the Greatest Life comes. And the shepherds are awe-struck. And the starlit heavens resound with angel joy.

It is perfected with morning. Another Mary. This one perhaps, not so virtuous in preceding years. Coming to what should be a place of great sadness-a tomb. And one which holds her dearest friend and teacher. Somehow she senses that there is unfinished business. Totally ignorant as to the means of accomplishing her final act of respect to the body of a terribly abused man, she waits and weeps. But there is a Visitor. His voice is wonderfully familiar. He calls her by name. The tomb is open and empty. It is the Master, Jesus, the bright and Morning Star. Risen indeed!

The Gospel "Day" now shines with the focal promise of the ages. It is as sung in a beautiful song of worship rendered by David Phelps:

"No more night.
No more pain.
No more tears.
Never crying again.
And praises to
The Great I Am.
We will live in the
Light of the Risen Lamb."


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