This is the Last Will and Testament of me Jesus Ben Joseph of no fixed address, formerly of the Town of Capernaum in the District of Galilee, Palestine.

I have no other will or testamentary instrument.

I hereby appoint the Holy Spirit to be Executor of this my Will. As He is eternal, and entirely in agreement with this plan, there is no substitutionary or alternative appointment hereby made. He is my Companion from the eternal past, enjoying my love and complete confidence.

I give, devise and bequeath all of my estate, both real and personal, and wheresover situate unto my said Executor/Trustee upon the following trusts:

There are no personal debts to be discharged.

My just testamentary, funeral and burial expenses will be discharged as prophesied by Isaiah through the gift of a wealthy individual in the City of Jerusalem.

To give all my personal effects, my clothing, as prophesied by the Psalmist to the soldiers attending upon my execution.

To entrust the care and responsibility of my beloved Mother, Mary to my good friend and disciple John.

To distribute in His absolute and unfettered discretion all of my words, teachings, warnings and encouragements to whomsover will accept the same with ready, child-like and hungry heart.

To transport my blood, shed by voluntary martyrdom, to the Holy of Holies in my Father's House, and to present the same there reverently as a propitiation.

To stir up in the hearts of my disciples, and in those who will hear their report, an eagerness and constant watching for my bodily return to Earth in conquering splendour; also to illuminate by His presence and urging their reception of my message.

To administer any and all commemorative collections placed in His care for the establishment and maintenance of houses of shelter, safety, teaching, healing and worship consistent with my Name and Nature, to the glory of God my Father, and to the edification and expansion of our family of faith. Also to cause to be published and distributed simple and sincere reflections on the messages which I have given to the people: the sower and the seed, the prodigal son, the Good Samaritan, the True Vine, the wheat and the tares, the widow and the judge, Lazarus and the rich man, the Good Shepherd, the wedding banquet.

To appoint in His unfettered discretion such agents, ambassadors, delegates, ministers and witnesses as may be required to give full effect to this my Testament, and to impart such powers, resources, gifts and equipment as may be considered necessary.

In Witness Whereof, without signature of competent witnesses, and in anticipation of monumental spiritual warfare, I have hereunto affixed to this my holograph Last Will and Testament my personal hand and seal of blood and tears.

Dated at Gethsemane in the City of Jerusalem in the District of Judea this 4th day of April in the 33rd year of My Life.

Jesus of Nazareth _______________________________ (seal)


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