Breathtaking Buggies

One Christmas Season my family took a night-time drive with a friend into the country north of Waterloo - Mennonite country.

A moderate amount of snow lay all around. The air was thick with moisture, almost foggy. A partial moon helped our vision along an otherwise unlit Township road.

At one point we were on a height of land overlooking a valley, partially white and showing broken field remnants of harvest. An intersecting road crossed our view at the crest of the hill.

Three Mennonite buggies were there. Gas or battery lanterns on the back. Twin-horse teams enthusiastically pacing the journey. Occupants all blanketed and enjoying the beauty of the night. Animals steaming from the exercise in the humidity.

Peter Etril Snyder should have had an opportunity to paint the scene.

It was a magical, timeless Christmas family moment.


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