Clydes at Play

The previous posted video had beautiful scenes of horses in the snow. That got me thinking.

Years ago on a very cold winter's morning with sun bright above, Hilary and I took a drive near Dresden. My wife always enjoys getting near horses. Brings back the memories of riding at a stable near her family's cottage at Port Stanley.

We came across a farm which included a long and narrow barn, all snow covered and glistening. In the fenced in paddock one Clydesdale of beautiful proportions was looking toward the open door of the barn as if expecting something. Suddenly a second and younger horse burst out of the structure at surprising speed, followed by a third. These two were obviously at play and galloping in every direction in the untouched snow of the yard. Then back into the building at such a speed that we feared a collision.

Only seconds later they emerged to do it again, breath steaming, snow flying from large feathered hooves, mighty shoulders and haunches shaking in the thrilling exercise. On the third circuit the older horse joined in the lark.

Work horses. Large and imposing. Impressed by the novelty of the chill, brilliance and fresh snow. Reduced to the behaviour of adventuresome children at play.

We do the same...and yes, this week we are looking for snow.


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