A Different Poet

Saw this comment on a poetry blog. He suggests the beauty of the words may not be in the message. There is room for such, I guess, in the Great Anthology.


Ahh, the beauty of poetry. I agree absolutely your points about poetry – it should be spoken/heard rather than read, and the reader shouldn’t spend too much time trying to ‘understand’ everything. Merely revel in its sound and savour the obliqueness. e.e. cummings is a great fave of mine. I used his poetry in class when I was doing teaching practice many years ago in Washington, County Durham. I’ve also used it often over the years for TEFL teaching. Its so deceptive, seeming simple yet packed with complexity, disarmingly profound. I’ll try and blog a couple of other fave poems when I’ve found them on poemhunter.com. I reckon everything is better if its got a bit of poetry in it somewhere. The ‘Spill is no exception.


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