I Don't Know

Lincoln was depressed; Churchill was bipolar; Farraday stuttered; Beethoven was bipolar and deaf; Tchaikovsky was homosexual; Ulysses Grant was alcoholic; Fanny Crosby was blind; Dostoyevsky was a compulsive gambler, Jules Leger was a stroke victim; John Nash was schizophrenic; Carrie Fisher was drug-addicted.

All stellar contributors to the full orb of life, and God-gifted with flair, creativity, determination and opportunities.

As I round out my sixty-first year and a time when apparently I am to be equipped with wisdom, life experience and moderation, I only seem to know "that I don't know".

In faith matters this can be seen in my recent poem "More Imaginative":


As I look at the talent and the productivity, and yes the philanthropy, all around, I realize that God has His hands on all kinds of people. That this planet is a marvelous laboratory of opportunity, with many good things yet to be done.

The general impression out there of an evangelical is that he is one who can only see things getting worse, only see good developments coming out of the Church, only see a program of soul-winning as worthy of the remainder of our fast-closing time.

Only God knows the status of sand in the hour-glass. But certainly He knows and loves a lot more people than I have countenanced.

Not to be quick with the pigeon-holing, Doug; not to be quick with the names and labels.

(Picture of John Nash whose life was featured in the film A Beautiful Mind.)


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