If I Should Continue...

Now over one thousand articles posted on this blog and a number of ebooks released at issuu.com/deedub51.

A new visitor may be inclined to ask, "Who is this guy? Probably some self-righteous know-it-all who in reality would rather believe than think."

I have no such posture or opinion. Just a newsboy with nothing original to say, but the grand old truths to reiterate to a society that is forgetting. I have reservations about organized religion, being the man-made system that it is.

My own impressions of the risen Christ have been crystallized out of personal crises, thoughtful reflection on the scriptures and keen dialogue with other sincere Christian friends and mentors. I did my stints at the United, Anglican, Charismatic and Pentecostal churches. Although I am aware of the admonition 'to gather together', I must confess that the major revelations and attractions did not occur "at church".

Consequently, I see much opportunity for the "Christ of the streets", the one who gets inside the house churches, the little Bible studies, the workplaces, the car radios, coffee shops, hospital rooms, rest homes and holding cells. I think specifically of the man born blind in John 9 who had been kicked out of the house of worship for his challenges to tradition. He had a meeting with Jesus on the street, was healed, converted and went on his way openly rejoicing and giving thanks.

Although I am not a Methodist (and do not regularly attend any single church), the thing that I am describing here is very much like John Wesley's Methodism. Something that the organized church mocked from day one. He rode his horse for thousands of miles in Britain, visiting thousands of living-rooms, preaching thousands of outdoor sermons, overcoming naysayers and even escaped bulls in the power of the Spirit and an ignited heart.

We need more of the same. An unsettled, fearful world awaits...

Note: See our earlier poem entitled "Perfect Vision".



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