It Buzzes By

The people you meet today, Boxing Day, will inevitably shrug their shoulders and say, "It all went by so fast!"

Christmas Day, a blur of early rising, devastated packaging, fancy breakfasts, favourite old music, happy family visits, turkey and dressing. Done.

And that, for many, following the anticipation of several weeks.

In the stores in preceding days, I noticed the prediminance of melancholy in the Christmas tunes. I'll Be Home for Christmas, Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire, White Christmas, Blue Christmas, long-dead recording artists. The suggestion is that the Good News of the Season is almost too good to last or to grasp. It is but a warm memory. Pity.

Then too there is the confusion of legitimate Christmas images with fictitious traditional ones. "No Johnny, the Bible does not mention the Little Drummer Boy, Ebenezer Scrooge, Charlie Brown, The Christmas Shoes, Santa Claus, Red-Nosed Rudolph or John-Boy Walton."

The sincere Christian does not lose the magic of the message of Bethlehem. Neither does he/she relegate the image of Jesus to a helpless cradled infant. The adventure happily develops in his/her consciousness to the full saga of the Gospels, to the full majesty and loving dedication of the Saviour, the Elder Brother.

No melancholy, no waning celebration for the Christian. Discoveries and joyful surprises are ongoing. For this life to blossom, one does not simply darken the door of a church. One looks rather for the Christ to be born in the heart. Ask in earnest for this gift.

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