Our December Gift

I am getting the impression that at this Christmas season our greatest gift to the community is our prayers. A bustling world will say, "Oh no, not that; give money and groceries and time and attention; a helping hand."

But we are the peculiar priesthood, Peter tells us. If we don't pray for souls, for peace, harmony, healing, wise leadership, particular comfort, who will to any significant effect?

John Wesley once said that our benevolent God waits to release His blessing in response to the heartfelt petitions of the saints. If several come into agreement in a particular season, all the better.

Listening to a Sunday radio broadcast recently, I noticed that one of our liberal local churches gave a focal and extended period of time to corporate prayer. There were invocations from the reverend and responses from the congregation. Numerous areas of concern were addressed. Hopefully the people truly believed for what they were asking. They will be surprised to see the answers come.

How different some of our "full Gospel" services appear! We are in a hurry to get through with the prayer in order that the greater amount of attention might be given to teaching and to personal ministry. This is out of balance. The Church is a force for prayer and righteousness and cleansing in the community.

We are supposed to be attending houses of worship and of prayer; not lecture halls or theatres. Let's get on with it! And take the time necessary on bended knee.


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