Pretty Good Sign

How many times have you encountered an individual who is meek, withdrawn, careful with words, observant, courteous, going through a knothole of difficulty?

Perhaps in your spirit you hear the suggestion, "That one is on My table. Notice the signs?"

You will do well to heed this leading and to pray for him/her. You should also consider affirming this one in whatever way seems appropriate, and without strain or awkwardness. A brief bit of conversation, a smile, a door held open.

How often have my wife and I commented that someone noticed appears very close to Gospel light. Of course nothing in our encounters should be brushed off as mere coincidence. God intends to use His servants through words, actions, expressions and demeanour. This Gospel is a very tactile thing. It spreads with the rubbing of shoulders and the pressing of hands. The Book of Acts makes this very clear. It is about being "living epistles". (2 Corinthians 3: 2,3)

I have some difficulty with "scattershot" evangelism. I do not see the imperative to "put it out everywhere", but rather where there is some leading or question asked. Remember Peter's admonition to be 'ready to give a reason to the one that asks'. (1 Peter 3:15)

There are surprises of course. Hilary had an uncle who appeared quite crusty on the outside. A lawyer with bad habits, gruff exterior, cigars and hockey stories. He became seriously ill and hospitalized. My wife felt constrained to travel to Woodstock to visit and to give a testimony. He was surprised at her arrival, and seemingly angry when the matter turned to prayer for his soul. But she pressed on, re-affirmed her love, and was gone. That being a Sunday evening she found a little Pentecostal Assembly in progress and she went in and offered her burden concerning Uncle Lorne. A couple of days later two faithful women also went up to the hospital.

We were surprised to receive a phone call from Lorne 'that the strangest thing had happened. He had found Jesus. He was born again. His physical condition had improved significantly.'

Thereafter we enjoyed several delightful conversations and letters with a new brother in the faith. This one had been anything but obvious on the outside. There were difficult times ahead for him and his family, and he definitely needed the Lord. He had found the fountain.

Well, you might ask, doesn't this apply for everyone? The Cross is big enough for such a task, but God knows "many are called but few are chosen".


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