A Proviso on Bold Faith


"There are testimonies of barren wombs opened, hopeless battles reversed, estranged loves renewed, broken bodies healed, food provided to empty tables. The victory list of Hebrews 11 will provide a good shot of adrenaline. But one must remember that the Lord by the Holy Spirit intentionally placed the eleventh chapter (faith) between the tenth (patience) and the twelfth (chastening). All of these three factors work together to accomplish the greatest sum of blessing for the most of God’s children, and to His greatest glory."

(This was written years ago. Since then I have heard so many testimonies and interviews where the speaker enthusiastically attempts to turn extracted tid-bits of scripture, often out of context, into recipes or formulae for personal success. As if every desire need not go through the filter of God's will, name and nature. 'He is a Father who would always wants to bless His kids, and give them what they want. Isn't He?' No wise and loving father ever gives the "carte blanche". As you examine your personal desire, study Him, welcome Him and await the arbitrator of peace before going forward. All else is presumption and not faith.)


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