Tel Aviv in Trouble?

Never before have I seen news items telling so clearly of the prospect of a nuclear device being launched at Israel. The National Post ran a hypothetical column entitled "The Day Tel Aviv Died". It examined the scenario of Iran launching a warhead which in a matter of a minute or so would vapourize an area of six square miles. Nuclear fallout would drift up the coast of the Mediterranean. Devastating, blinding, scalding impact would also register in slowly diminishing effect with Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, Albania and the Eastern Block. Oil prices would soar. Financial markets would somersault. Garden territories feeding Europe would be gone. Carnage and contagion which would dwarf Katrina, Chernobyl or anything else we have ever seen. Perhaps even Hiroshima.

We in the West have heard so much about trouble around Israel that we have become dull.

Mr. Netanyahu and his Minister of Defence are on record as predicting that they might become pressured by circumstances into the launch of a pre-emptive strike.

But we are quick to say, "just more sabre rattling". Really? Can we bank on that in the face of Islamic fundamentalism which is just as whimsical as the next edict from the top Imam. Which hates Israel with an Allah-driven passion? Which hates the West which has supported her (America, Britain, Canada)? The West of the 'murderous crusades'.

Let us keep in mind that all G20 nations are scared to death of the financial Sword of Damacles. Clueless about the end game in Europe. Disappointed that Arab Spring has only seemed to lift up new oppressors and muddle prospects of democracy.

Then let us get into the Christmas Season. A time for loosening the reins and taking some slack.

Quite an opportunity to "raise a little Cain". No?

You will note that I have not gone salivating into Bible prophecy scenarios. Could this mean that? Or vice-versa? Are we almost into the false peace-pact or the setting of calm before Gog-Magog (Ezekiel 38-39). Don't need to do any of that. Things are just plain bad. And horrendous for Israel.

Maybe when the Pope prays for peace this Christmas, we too will get serious.

Everyone is vulnerable and to an extent not even imagined.


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