God Rules Out the Antithesis

So often in scripture God has anticipated the naysayer's argument and has ruled it out in advance. His mighty deliverances are not to be questioned. I will mention three.

Moses led his people across the Red Sea. When all seemed lost and the Egyptian host ready for the slaughter at the water's edge, God simply reminded Moses, 'What is in your hand?' The rod with mystical powers! Touch the water's surface. And immediately the path was cleared through the deep, and the children of Israel passed unharmed.

Now the skeptics will say that they have some information to the effect that the waters were very shallow. No big deal. How fascinating! What a miracle in itself! God must have drowned the entire Egyptian host in three feet of water. (Not likely.)

Then let us consider the tale of Daniel in the lions' den. One of the children's favourites showing the victory of a faithful, praying prince. All night long the big cats caused no harm. 'Well perhaps they had aleady been fed and were not hungry?' This also is unlikely. When King Darius, with much relief, saw that Daniel was untouched and threw his enemies in to the cats, they immediately tore at the villains "or ever they came at the bottom of the den". Sounds pretty hungry to me.

Finally the record of Jesus' resurrection. Scribes and Pharisees suggested that the disciples had secreted away the body giving false information as to the Lord's disappearance. But the first and most compelling witnesses to the greatest event in human history were women, not men. And women at that time had no capacity to bear witness in any legal proceedings. Not the best plan to trump up a convincing miracle account of a corpse being revived.

God is saying here quite loudly, 'no matter the miracle required, my will shall not be transgressed, nor put into derision.'


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