The Remedy

The Christmas television classic “The Walton’s Homecoming” offered a memorable moment of comedy. John-Boy Walton had gone to the comfortable home of two wealthy, elderly spinster sisters to ask a favour. He needed transportation to go out looking for his Father. The man had been away at a job and he was alarmingly late in returning. It was Christmas Eve. There had been news on the radio of a tragic bus accident…

Seated comfortably in the parlour the three were engaging in festive niceties with doilies, tea services and baked treats all around. But what the mischievous, sparkling sisters really wanted to offer was a zesty draft of the “remedy”. They were bootleggers with their Father's old formula!

A remedy spoken of at Christmas? Certainly in many homes liquid hospitality ranks high on the festive list. The underlying remedies for this Hollywood Christmas offering were the joys of family together and fulfilled dreams.

But let us not in any way diminish the real Remedy of Christmas. A remedy for pain, loneliness, hopelessness, guilt, illness, grief, purposelessness, fear and many other hard lumps of the human condition.

He came down.


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