Seemed to Pick Her Up Out of the Trouble

Marnie hadn't seen the elderly man until after the collision. Until after she had rear-ended the guy in the pick-up. Until after her teething toddler Jeremy had increased the volume of his bawling threefold. Until after she had sunk her tear-smudged face into the steering wheel.

The old chap had come to her driver's side window: "Not to worry young lady. I saw the whole thing. Stay where you are. Calm your little guy down. My name is Chas. I have phoned for the police. I'm going to get insurance particulars from the guy in the truck. He cut you off. Craziest darn swooping attempt at a right turn that I've ever seen! I'll stick around and give a statement for sure."

And he did just that, giving the odd wave to passing motorists who might have otherwise started the "gawkers block" in traffic.

Who was this guy? He seemed like some sort of guardian angel. His help continued with the arrival of the cruiser and the collecting of information.

"Miss do you have some sort of auto club coverage for the towing. Give 'em a call. I'll try to keep the boy, Jeremy is it, entertained in the interim."

And so things continued with Marnie rapidly regaining composure and a smile,

"Sir I can't thank you enough. You have been a God-send."

"You know that might just be the case, young lady...but don't mention it. The thing just sort of sparked up my afternoon."

And then he was gone. No details. No phone or address. Consequently no follow-up.

'Yes, he had REALLY been a God-send,' she thought again to herself, as she got into her sister's car.

Friend, you will have experiences in the squeeze where you will know that God has arrived in special kindness, just for you. But it will probably be difficult to convince most others that you have received rescue from above. Do not be discouraged. Do not lose the after-glow of his loving attention. In a mystical way He has spoken to you.

Remember this personal "milestone". He is love.


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