Take This Paragraph, Run With It

One thing leapt off the page of Joseph Girzone's book "Joshua and the Shepherd" at page 226:

(David is now leaving his district for another assignment.)

"David had to make provisions for his house. It was a large house, with plenty of land around it, far enough into the country to be away from noise and distractions. It was a good place for people to come to think and pray. He decided to turn it into a house of prayer for trained men and women who could teach people how to pray and benefit from the rich mystical traditions of the Church that are the key to a more intimate relationship with God. The house would be big enough to accommodate at least twelve people overnight. A permanent ecumenical prayer community of five or six could staff it. In time it would have to be expanded. David talked one of his wealthy friends into endowing the house of prayer, thus assuring its survival."


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