To a Loved One, As Comfort...Lay Down Your Sword

(This was received this morning from a new friend. I suspect he would not mind my airing it for him. It is, after all, the Spirit's work.)

I've lost in love
And gained in love
I've lost in life
And gained new life.

I've lived in fear
To find it's ok in the dark.
I've drifted from the Word
To discover the Word wrapped around me when I woke.

I've missed my chances
And missed the mark too many times to count.
And still what counts never marks my paper "failed"
And chances reappear like the sun.

It's not what or when
But how and why that matters most;
The "who" will be supplied.
Just venture into newness
That awaits you around the corner.
It's not defeat to rest in your family's arms
When the battle is through
And exhaustion seeps into your soul.
Victory comes when, being true to yourself,
You lay down your sword
And accept the strength of wisdom
And grace
And truth.
And the truth will set you free!

Terry Hursh, Reverend (with permission)


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