And She Had to Die?

Many remember the news images of a woman on death-row, clearly a much changed person through the input of the Gospel - Karla Faye Tucker.

She was sentenced to death in a Texas prison for murder. During her period in prison she had become a Christian and had a positive ministry to other inmates. In an article about the ministry of the prison chaplain Jim Brazzil in Christianity Today by Virginia Stem Owens, [39] he described how, before her execution, Karla Faye asked to borrow his Bible. He gave it to her while he went to see the warden. When he returned she handed it back without saying anything. Next day, while working on her funeral, he picked up his Bible and flicked it open. There was her message. She had written:


THANK YOU for bringing the love & fellowship of Jesus to me as I was preparing to be face to face w/Him. You, my precious brother, are hand-picked of God, because of the compassion in your heart, to minister to those who have to walk this road. May the grace and peace of God continue to cover you in a mighty way all of your days!

I love you in Christ
Your Sister, Karla Faye
Ps. 16:11"

Note: I ask in all honesty how the society surrounding her immediatley became a better place on the day following her death? And do not tell me that the sick or incensed or monstrous who kill are at all deterred by these developments.


  1. RIP Karla Faye - you did not die vain.

  2. The real test of faith wasn't hers to bare. It was ours as human beings. To genuinely follow the word of God and learn the highest price yet greatest value ever given...... FORGIVENESS!!!

    We failed that day.


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