Formed into Flesh

Every step in the
Perambulation of faith;
Every acquisition of the
Beggar's hope;
From out of
The miry clay;
From first blush
Of the Living Christ
To heroic outreach
Of charitable heart;
To donning of the vestments
Of one gift
In the Spirit
After another;
To suffering His
Reproach with dignity,
At the hand of any
Serf of darkness,
Or disgruntled
To hearing His
Ingenious guidance
And uplift
In the silence;
To uttering words
Of rescue
And reassurance
Beyond our ken;
To breathing
Graciously one's last
At the hairpin
Turn in the road;
And viewing a limitless
Green and Glory.
Will be a Bethlehem.
Deposit of God.
Plain and simple,
Free and sure.
Be it unto me.


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