It Takes More Than I've Got

That's what many say when presented with the prospect of living for Christ. Too much change. Too frightening. Too much invested in the old ways. Too many friends in the balance. Too...too...too much not my cup of tea.

Well, that may be the time to stop. Unless the Holy Spirit has started to turn on the burner, one is premature. One may actually do more harm than good.

Shall we magnify the problem? Let's give tracts or run through the Four Spiritual Laws with complete strangers. No connection. No awareness of the facts. No bond. No place of intercession. It is for these reasons that I am nervous about scattershot witnessing.

But what if some telling signs of hunger or conviction are there ? Different story.

Now about being sufficient for the commitment. Remember the little boy with loaves and fishes, and how he offered his snack to Jesus for the people. It was all that he had. It did not measure up to a crowd of 5000 men, and more women and children. But he gave it to Jesus in faith and obedience. The miracle happened. He made the Master smile. He taught even the disciples a humbling lesson.

Can you give who you are and what you have into the hands of the Master? Prepare yourself for the surprise.

(Painting by Tissot)


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