Ordination Service Much in the Spirit

(An email sent yesterday after a dear friend, David, was ordained with his wife Keren into Canadian ministry service.)

This morning I attended the ordination service for David and Keren DeQuesada conducted by Ian Wills and his wife (Feb 12th). I have known David for about nine years at my factory workplace. From time to time he would tell me of family ministry experiences in Cuba, and of no small persecution on and off under the Castro regime. I know that it took more than four years' of David's waiting and working before family could be released to him in Canada.

I respect very much the meek and guided spirit of this man, demonstrated to me in many ways in the day-to-day experiences of a steel fabricating plant, serving highway and bridge building. Often we would talk as brothers of faith. His shining in Christ has been noticed by all. I have only met recently his gracious wife Keren, but this morning's experience in praise showed me the anointing and the momentum of a Spanish "Deborah" at the fore. I was blessed in so many ways as the service progressed and as Pastors Wills brought their charge, encouragement, caution and remembrance.

I shake my head sometimes when I think of such an anointed gentleman in Christ being moulded in the crucible of an often relentless and unsympathetic workplace. But then that is where our Lord went and where He sends His ambassadors.

Paul, I cannot remember whether our paths crossed in the ten years of my legal practice in Chatham. Obviously I have experienced much change with my wife Hilary and two children (daughter an executive assistant at RIM in Waterloo and son a medi-vac pilot in Manitoba). Consider the following link:


Regards, Doug Blair

(Paul McPhail is chief executive officer of the Independent Assemblies of God. He lives in Chatham and sent me back a gracious email.)


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