Do You Know?

Do you know what you possess? Do you really get it? Has the concept and power of blood covenant gotten deep into your consciousness?

You share the bread and the wine. You reflect on the tears of Gethsemane and the shame and anguish of Golgotha. Had you seen the blood flowing and mingling with the earth. Had you smelled it. Had you heard the moans of the sympathizers. The janglings of Roman contraption. The mockings of the callous. You would be incapable of forgetting a single detail.

This was the definitive blood covenant. My precious Son and I agreeing, one with the other, that all of our power, resources, blessing and protection would accrue to those in the family line, now and forever.

You have simply stepped forward to respond to the call of my Son; His Good News; to seek out His family; to grow in family likeness. His genes, if you will, have been deposited in you. I am constrained to bless. I will honour my word. When I see you, I see Jesus, and I can only love. I remember that blood.

You may truly sing along with the saints:

"Oh, the blood that gives me strength
From day to day;
It will never lose its power."


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