"Don't Touch That TV Dial..."

The preacher on the television turned with a knowing eye toward the camera and blurted out, "Don't touch that dial. God's got something for you."

The viewer sat with feet up on an ottoman and a cynical smirk on his face.

"I really mean it fella. You were saved and then the Devil got hold of you and drew you back into intense darkness."

The viewer had to speak now. His wife was in the bedroom, having withdrawn from yet another bitter argument. "Yeah preacher, you have no idea how far down I've gone and there's no coming back up. I'm a mess and its hopeless."

On the screen it appeared as if the evangelist were going to continue with his message, but then he turned a third time and said, "And just to let you know that God has your number, you are sitting right now in a recliner with an Old Milwaukee Beer in your hand and a pipe in the other!"

And that was it. Derlon Wilson was in fact sitting and scoffing in a recliner with an Old Milwaukee Beer and a pipe. He let out a whoop of shock and tried to stand, but was only able to stumble to his knees as the Lord visited him saying to his inner ear, "I am well able, Son, to bring you back to a place of peace and purpose with me."

His wife had come from the bedroom and was trying to make sense out of what was going on. Suffice it to say they were soon attending a local church, repenting and re-uniting with the Lord and with each other.

A Gospel ministry was to follow involving the man turned 'round and his wife Naomi. He was known to local police for drugs and indebted to numerous businesses which he had conned. The restitution would follow. The joy of the Lord most evident.

Note: Tonight I viewed an old VHS cassette from 1994 featuring the ministry of R. W. Schambach of Tyler Texas and many testimonies of God's wonderful intervention. It was only when I went searching for a picture for this post that I discovered Brother Schambach had died on January 17, 2012. I have attended his meetings in auditorium and fairground tent. Much joy. Much compassion. Much energy. Much encouragement. Much of Jesus. Now "graduated" in his 86th year.


Revisit an earlier post, and listen to him sing the Glory down:


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