Faith Under a Big Tent: 1972

It's tonight folks
And you have been well primed.
The praise of the saints
Fills this tent.
The man of God has been
Deep in prayer all afternoon
With some of your pastors.
The needs out there
Are imposing,
The expectation...electric.
And Jesus knows,
He knows your deepest need,
And as many as touch Him
Get their answer.
Have you touched Him?
Have you felt
The pull of His Spirit
In the songs?
Have you smiled
At gleeful looks
Of excitement
On faces of your neighbours?
Have you waited long
In faith's craning pause?
Well get ready:
Some are gonna walk
Outa here on new legs.
Some are gonna see
That loved one for the first time.
Some are gonna sense
Tumours shift and dissolve.
Some are gonna kick
The needle or the flask.
Or the back-alley's business.
But don't look unto
This speaker, Heavens NO.
Look unto the Master.
Touch Him.
See what a prayer of faith can do.
And your life has been
Such a prayer...for years.
Now's the time.
And if you have committed
Any sins,
They may be forgiven you. (James 5:15)
In the name of the
Crucified One.
Who is alive now.
And for evermore.
Come Lord Jesus.
Work your work
For these dear people.
It is all of your mercy.
We come like the leper
Wanting to be made clean
And whole.
And all the people said:

Note: 1972. Why not now?

(Picture of T. L. Osborn)

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