Radical Change

Centuries have listened to arguments refuting the resurrection of Christ. There is the "swooning" theory; also the "corpse secreted away" theory. The suggestion of a bunch of lies and subterfuge committed by men who were purportedly the disciples of the Greatest and Truest Man.

But let us look at the these disciples. Competitive, presumptuous, argumentative, cowardly, prayerless, impatient,  fleshly in their perception of the Kingdom. They deserted Jesus and fled from the Garden. Perhaps the seven saddest words in the Evangel:

And they all forsook him, and fled. (Mark 14:50)

I remember Presbyterian Peter Marshall (one-time chaplain of the U.S. Senate) making the following point in his bestseller "Mr. Jones, Meet the Master". These same men after the Resurrection appear fearless, mighty in prayer, bold in the face of hostile authorities, convicting in testimony, harmonious in purpose. In effect, newly made men, and at the front of the list Simon Peter. What could have caused the overwhelming change? Certainly not the death of their hero and the frustration of His every purpose.

He was risen, and they were charged with an energy and a confidence that were unstoppable in the bearing of triumphant News. Messiah who would suffer and overcome death, had in fact fulfilled every prophecy down to the very last detail.


  1. Yes. That is the real proof of Christ in any life; change. Cowardly men who charged forward in love knowing they'd pay with their physical lives... That's change, brother.


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