Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tissot, Preacher in Watercolour

See also Google Images:, Preacher in Watercolour James Jacques Tissot (1836-1902). Consult the following link: Son of devout Roman Catholic parents, but a Christian convert only late in life, after a history of patronage in the vain societies of Paris and London, an adulterous relationship of twelve years with a divorcee (Kathleen Newton who died in 1882, a suicide suffering from consumption) and dabblings in spiritualism. Several visits to the Holy Land increased his zeal and sense of detail for the land and people.q=paintings+by+Tissot&aq=f&aqi=g-S1&aql=&gs_l=img.12..0i24.1344l7547l0l9391l19l18l0l5l5l0l250l2141l2j7j4l13l0.frgbld.

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