Tradition, But Lacking

Easter Sunday morning. Brad had taken special effort to get home from the Convention the day before. Hectic week at work. Night before he and Suzie had hidden throughout the ground floor all of the chocolates, eggs and gift certificates for the two kids. It was always fun to watch the scrounging and to throw in a couple of stickler hiding places.

He had risen early, and Brock and Trisha were only now getting up. This would be a day when Suzie had reprieve from the kitchen. Cracking the eggs. Chopping the ingredients for the omelettes. Setting up the coffee perc. Warming the hot cross buns. All a fun sort of assignment for this young father. CBC news going on the radio, but at a subdued volume.

He hoped that Suzie would enjoy the pearl pendant that he had picked up while away. A really interesting shopping mall in Kansas City. Visited it during a break from meetings on Friday. And it had been wide open, religious observances notwithstanding.

In the next room, chairs were being pushed, cushions uplifted, curtains pulled back, ornaments relocated. All to discover Easter bounty. Some giggling heard. The kids still enjoyed the exercise, but the gift certificates were now the big item for youngsters 9 and 11 years old. Electronics for Brock and fashion for Trisha.

Padded footfalls coming down the stairs. A leisurely rising for his wife this special morning. Coffee in hand, she sat herself down right in the middle of the final and most taxing of efforts in the Easter Hunt.

Table set. All selections steaming and ready. A brief moment reviewing the accomplishment. A thankful reflection on family. Later that afternoon, as usual, there would be dinner out with Suzie's folks. Going Chinese this year.

"Come and get it, guys."

Two blocks away the nearest church rang out 9 AM matins from the bell tower. Heard, but only faintly, by the breakfasters.


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