What's the Sense of It?

I hear people express their resentment at the thought that they are accountable to a sovereign God. "Nope don't give me that guilt and making amends stuff. I have always done the best I can my own way. I just don't buy the idea of an uncreated First Cause of all there is. Bible thumpers obviously hate any serious considerations of science. They check their brains at the front door of their church. I believe that we have what we make of it."

Now place these individuals in the squeeze of some serious dilemma, hardship or sickness and they will be the first to say, "I just don't understand it. If God is so powerful and so full of love, how could he allow such a terrible thing to happen. I just couldn't submit to such a one and call Him the best."

Well isn't that interesting. In the first instance they sound like die-hards for free will. In the second instance they want God to be Master Puppeteer pulling all the right strings. They seem to leave no room for the wicked actions or decisions of others; neither do they consider ongoing corruption in a planet soiled by sin.

Any way you look at it they just don't want God. Nevertheless the day will come, and perhaps too late, when they will have to acknowledge that He is Lord and His Son is Messiah.


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