Emmaus by Tissot

This is where it began. Two hopefuls with Jesus in their midst. What an unstoppable movement. How much like the parable of the leaven in the dough. It grows and it grows. Elbows touch. Gazes fix one upon another. Questions get asked, "Have you heard about Him; about His unsurpassed kindness to the hurting; about His mastery over the vain and insensitive; about His captivating stories from the everyday; about His horrible and totally foreseen death; about His inconceivable resurrection?"

The hunger for this richness is out there. In a recent book (The Surge) Larry Stockstill tells of an experience of John Osteen in Mexico. He was flagged down by a stranger on the highway. "Tell me," the man said, "does anyone in this car know anything about the Gospel? I have been sent out here by my village. For some reason we have all sensed that now is the time. My people have stayed home from their fields today, awaiting my mission. Won't you please come?"

Osteen saw this as a God-ordained opportunity. He went.

"Wiping the sweat from their foreheads with their sombreros and listening intently, all the villagers there came to Christ that day."

We must constantly be on the lookout for surprising opportunities of ministry right around the corner. It is simple. It is fruitful. It takes only a sense of courtesy, a vision of the fate of the Christless and a few moments of encouraging conversation about the matchless Man of the Four Gospels, Who still lives and serves and sets free.

The author Stockstill leaves us with a compelling observation. Four point eight billion people in this world are unsaved and ignorant of the story of the Saviour. Take all of these people and have them stand in line shoulder to shoulder. That line would go around the planet thirty-six times. THIRTY SIX TIMES!

Get going. Reach out!


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