God Bless Turkey

I am seeing in the blog statistics a significant interest from Turkey. Welcome people from the land of Paul's toil, wandering and harvest! People with the last recorded words in scripture from our Lord (the seven churches). People who have safeguarded the remnants of the Ark on Ararat.

Let the warnings and the encouragement of the Seven Letters to the Churches hold special blessing for you. How sad that so many professing believers hold little time for studying the Revelation. The disinclination comes from the strangeness and threat of the visions afforded John the Beloved on Patmos.

I remember years ago attending a conference of a certain denomination and driving down with a number of our assembly leaders. Somehow the conversation turned to the Book of Revelation. The Pastor stated that he had little time for same. He considered that at time of writing 'John was somewhat of a burn-out, discouraged, in custody and desperate for some new development, having out-lived all the other disciples'.
This was his summary comment on part of the Word of God! I was shocked.

Another younger pastor in the car stated that it was 'pretty much the fare of the fundies' (fundamentalists).

Needless to say I was soon finding my way to another church door. The conference also reinforced my realization that many in the denomination lacked a vital hold on scripture. All about ceremony. Small about Jesus.

One further word on the letters. Only two of the churches received unqualified praise from Jesus - Smyrna and Philadelphia. The first was going through stress upon stress. The second apparently having a prosperous time of it. Jesus did not rank one above the other. So what has gotten into the prosperity and Word of Faith teachers in today's pulpits?

(Theatre at Ephesus)


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