Good Business in a Boat

Harry and Brad were off on their Victoria Day excursion. Harry's sixteen foot aluminum Springbok and the favourite lake a hundred miles away. Battered old boxes of lures. A choice of three rigs for each of them and a cooler full of refreshments and ham sandwiches.

Lots of suntan lotion and goofy old "good luck" ball caps seasoned by many outings. The boat launch was seamless and the familiar trip to the reeds bringing again the fresh air and exhileration of release.

These were two close neighbours and elders for years at the church down the street. Many battles of stress and strain in the fellowship fought together through prayer and discussion...and won. They knew their Bibles. They knew their Jesus. They knew the meaning of godliness with contentment.

Before long a strange conversation began. Brad was changing to live bait and uttered, "One Hundred Four". His buddy responded, "Um hum, One Twenty-One".

"Let's not forget Eight."

"And perhaps a little bit of Thirty-Seven"

"Right now I want a little of Twenty-One."

What did this all mean? It went on in this fashion for some time. I said that they knew their Bibles. Studied together. Numerous fruitful discussions. Counsel to new believers. Same version of scripture used and cherished - King James.

Absolute agreement. Comfortable in wandering through book and chapter. Using scripture to comment on scripture.

And the little code here?

Psalm 104 - God's glorious creation and natural world
Psalm 121 - We have a hilltop God who offers constant help and protection
Romans 8 - Nothing will separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus
Psalm 37- Better the little that a righteous man has than the riches of many wicked
John 21 - Jesus in a post-resurrection appearance tells His friends to cast their fishing net over the other side for a great catch.


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