Guest Speaker

"Thank you Pastor for the opportunity to speak to these people.

Ladies and gentlemen. I am not a Lutheran. I am not a Pentecostal. I am not a Methodist. I am a beggar. One who has simply asked for the privilege of being incorporated into Christ's worldwide mystical Body. I had a sorry season for sin. This world and my puny efforts lost their delight. I opened with hunger to the life-giving Words of the Gospel. I allowed them to have their impregnating effect. I knew that the Holy Spirit was behind it all; that I would be changed forever; that many would not understand. I am still messed up, but the more I relinquish, the more I become like Christ, although I hardly know it.

Does this little community in this little building really GET the process? Really want the membership? Really adore the Crucified One?"

With that the speaker descended from the podium as if to conclude. Members of the congregation looked at each other in surprise as if to say 'Is that it? This is weird. What did he say?'

The speaker turned around smiling and regained the pulpit to continue with an address about Christ's delight with the faith of the Roman centurion looking out for his sick servant. (Luke 7)


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