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Relinquish, Now

"Not too far"
And this should give you courage
Feel the pull
Of Jesus at your heart
You have come
Right to the brink of blessing
Timeless truth
He readies to impart.

May be late
But time is not the issue
Do not rue
The sand passed through the glass.
Heed the call
To simple heart surrender
Now’s the hour
To seize the hope that lasts.

But beware
For risk is now the greatest.
Satan schemes
To pluck you from the door.
All his tricks
Applied to see you stumble.
Fears and lusts
You never felt before.

Just press on
Despairing of your own strength.
Christ must work
To bring you gladly through.
His the power
To break the ties that hinder.
His the life
Of righteousness for you.