An Old Goat

He had become almost like a fixture at the Factory. Think of the compressor or the drinking water reservoir. Think of him. Big fellow and almost twenty-four years there.

He had once said to Management, "I figure that a balanced stable needs an old goat over in the corner to keep the spirited thoroughbreds in line." And so he had performed his duties, with many a conversation with newcomers.

Andreas was a recent and promising welder - young, Polish, trim, technically capable and shy because of language limitations. There had been conversations about daily routine, work attitude and Plant Safety. Andreas was watching the old boy with curiosity.

One day they bumped into each other after hours at a nearby coffee shop. Two cups later they found that they had gone through happily a number of interesting topics. Andreas itched to approach the compelling issue that came up every time he thought of the other man this past month:

"Sir, I hear you are man of faith. Jesus follower, but not big church goer. Tell me somsing about why you hold onto Jesus so tight." They were standing now.

The other approached him; came within that comfort zone Canadian men dare not violate; took hold of Anreas' bicep firmly, and smiling, said:

"Jesus loves me. This I know, for the Bible tells me so. Little ones to Him belong. They are weak but He is strong. Yes Jesus loves ME."

Both were smiling. Strangely this was not awkward.

He continued, "I will be here next Tuesday night at seven thirty. I will be reading my Bible, and trying out one of those new coffees. Andreas, you are welcome to show up if you would like to continue with this."


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