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Do you dare measure
The limits of Jerusalem
Scope of her reaching
Or gleaming of her light?
You with the rod
Of heartless feet
And inches
Tallies and tokens
To gauge her worth aright?
Pointless this plan
To weigh the sum of mercy
Sobs of relief
Or joy of family found
Words of Messiah
That promise constant keeping
Purpose and plenty
To all on Holy Ground.
Better you view
A single act of kindness
Savour the smell
Of Jesus drawing near.
Tend to the marvel
Of widows’ love rekindled.
Delight in laughter
Of children freed from fear.

(Zechariah 2: 1-5)

Based on a wonderful sermon by George H Morrison, Glasgow

Pilgrim Encounters

They are on the road
And the way gets tough
And they often doubt
If they’re strong enough.
And I meet them there
Offering up a smile
And we share some shade
And we talk a while.
They have come from far
But the vision stays
As they seek their God
And His righteous ways.
He is all their light
And their choicest fare
And He leaves His jewels
For them everywhere.
In a thought of home
In a bird’s sweet tune
In the morning star
In the brilliant noon
In the hush at dusk
With the day’s work done.
In the Good Book’s tale
Of His valiant Son.
They are never left
Stranded in the lurch.
And each fragrant bower
Is for them a Church.
And I think I’ll join
In their pilgrim way
‘Long the upward road
To Eternal Day.