Most Marvelous Name

Say the Name
And watch waters
Part before you.
On the one side
Smiling faces
Touched by grace.
On the other
Clear discomfort,
Cold suspicion.
And a charge
That you are clearly
Out of place.
Say the Name
And the demons
Look for cover;
And a shaft of
Light invades
Where darkness reigned.
And a glimpse of
Hope uplifts
The weary sufferer.
Rest and rescue,
Timeless Gospel
Still the same.
Say the Name
And a cloud of
Watchers hovers closer.
Those who fought
And felt the cut
Of unbelief.
Smiling now in
Halls of Glory
With their Saviour.
Praising “Jesus”
And forgetting
All their grief.


  1. Beautiful, deep poem. Thank you. So true. The precious Name of Jesus.


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