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Never Alone

Never alone
They said at the starting
You would be there
Through thick and through thin
Never a chance
Your ever departing
Happy to hear this
I just walked right in.

Heard of your shame
And pain on the Hilltop
Heard of the folk
Who mocked you as King
Heard how the tomb
Went missing your body
Good News to Israel
That changed everything.

Then came the cloud
O'er faith's early gleaming
Caused me to doubt
How sure was your troth
Then came your balm
And all things redeeming
Rescue, reunion
I thrilled at them both!

Silverwind: Forgiven


The Noise of the Wings

I have just about had it, I tellya!

I go to their services and I watch plastic faces fall into line. I see them sit under pablum from the pulpit for far too long. I see the clock govern any sovereign move of God. I see pillar personalities who covetously guard their territory of service. Stubborn people doing what they have always done. Proving once again Newton's Law of Inertia. Xenophobes who doubt whether a stranger to their gatherings might have anything of anointing or brokenness to contribute. Full-fledged families dwindle. Old seasoned heads of Pentecost are shaking without any idea of alternatives. Talk of revival is just noise. New houses, new jobs, new connections, new exotic destinations get first billing. Summer hiatus in faith's swordplay apparently a sad and cowardly reality.

But listen to this voice...

Ezekiel 3:
5 For thou art not sent to a people of a strange speech and of an hard language, but to the house of Israel;
6 Not to many people of a strange speech and…

The Least of These

We love it here
As the Sundays pass
With the smiles galore
With the rich stained glass
And the preacher seems
To have caught our heart
And the tempo thrills
As the songsters start
Yes, the pains forgot
Once they close the door
And the time flies by
How we thirst for more.

But the strangest thing
Happened just last week
As a woman showed
Who was frail and weak
With her clothes askew
And her hair a mess
And the sobs came next
No one moved to bless
She just sat and stared
At a stained glass Psalm
'Til the closing prayer
When she shuffled on.

Alleluia to the Lamb