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Steal Away

We was havin'
One of dem troubled times
Weather had been poorly
Cotton yield lookin' way down.
Massa had pushed
For a much quicker gatherin'.
Even little chitlen
Hauled from da house
To get it in afore more rain.

But dis was now Sabbath
An' Brotha Capewell
Had come from up-country.
They would be stompin'
An' hollerin' an singin'
The songs of Zion.
The Story of Israel
Come fru da Sea.
To precious new land.

Massa most always
Let it happen.
Knew they would be 
Energies restored.
Once we done come
Close to our Lord.
Stealin' time from domestic
An' time when most slept
Watchin' His promises kept.

Note: I have used the language and tone of a wonderful people repressed. There is not an ounce of condescension. Only respect. And an admiration for that sterling level of worship learned through patient suffering together. That same spirit lives. Try reading Mitch Albom's book "Have a Little Faith".