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Drumsheugh's Secret

It’s you dear Margaret

All these years

And no man knows the tale

‘Ceptin dearest Doc Maclure

He swore he’d ne’er tell.

I played the fool long years ago

When we were closely housed

And you so fair

Beyond compare

And I a timid mouse.

And just to see the harvest come

And you rake swathes beside

Was all of autumn’s golden warmth

And I near burst inside.

But soon the news

Your lease to lapse

And William Howe to wed.

I roared a bit

The pain of it

And rathered I were dead.

But life moves on

The moment gone

And you a wee bairn held

Young Geordie Hoo

A bright one too

Who took the cloth anon.

The pride of Domsie’s little school

His Greek.beyond compare

And no small joy

I helped the boy

With funds for college fare.

A scholar come to your proud home

(A secret lover pays.

Dismiss the thought.

It ever brought me joy

To pave his ways.)

And Willum, kindly Willum tried

Without much luck at funds

And once near lost

Until the cost

A “distant cousin” sends.

‘Twas me, Dear Heart

You’ve guessed the whole

And put the clues in line

So long my bit t…