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The Best Gift

At Easter we focus on the Cross quite obviously. That accomplished propitiation for sin. That demonstrated the measure of the compassion and perfect obedience of our Saviour. But that was in order to clear the way for the best gift.

I can hear Jesus saying that if natural fathers want to give good gifts to their children, how much more would the Heavenly Father wish to give the Holy Spirit to them that ask.

The prophet Ezekiel (c. 36) said that the Lord would take away the stony heart and give a heart of flesh and a new Spirit.

The Psalmist said in the 51st "create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me". Create it.

Jesus said in the Upper Room that the Spirit would lead His followers into all truth, would glorify Him and would remind them of all things that He had said and done.

Now this is not a Pentecostal puff putting overmuch emphasis on the operation of the Spirit. This is Gospel, and He is the best gift until Glory, both for edification of the believe…

More Than My Necessary Food

What will you show me today
Where will you take me
Which promise or warning?
Only for my good, of course.
Tough bargains sometimes
But eventually off comes
The hard casing, that
The heart of love might show.
You have birthed me, earthed me
Mirthed me and worthed me.
Such a God, such a Father
Such a Word of confidence and hope.
I eat it up gladly.
Following the footsteps of
My Elder Brother.
He too would read and meditate
Before the coming of
The happy crowds
The needy crowds
The curious crowds.
Before the harsh inquisition
The Via Dolorosa
The bloodied perch
Between two malefactors.
But He knew the end of your Book
And so do I.
And I feast with saints.
Gift, and gifts happily received.

What are you giving with your service?



The heaps of cold and white are gone
Expectant is the moon
And birds long missed
Will rule the morn
With signal spring-time tune
The crocus trembles 'neath the scruff
Its purple touch to raise
The royal hue
Long overdue
Suggesting Paschal days
For Christ has died
And lived again
The Passion's winter week
Disciples' fear transformed in awe
And faith's thaw for the meek.

Loyal Subjects, All

To be within a kingdom
The turrets and fanfare
The gallant show of horsemen
The colours everywhere
The thrill of throne so noble
The poor remembered yet
The chance to show compassion
Good laws we’ll ne’er forget.
Oh this is Zion’s glory
The world looks on amazed
Though early in our fealty
They thought us weak and crazed.
With peace and love prevailing
And beggars warmed inside
And trespass all forgotten
No longer does one hide.
And God the Son is coming
To host a feast so rare
From castle to the courtyard
The family gathered there.
He dons a servant’s vesture
And laughs at simple fun
And holds our trust large measure
The praises just begun.

Psalm 48

Let It Go

Are you kidding me?
You should have heard
What they said
It was absolutely
I just had to speak
Clear the air
Distance myself
The Lord would have it so
Wouldn't He?

My heart was heavy, for its trust had been
Abused, its kindness answered with foul wrong;
So, turning gloomily from my fellow-men,
One summer Sabbath day I strolled among
The green mounds of the village burial-place;
Where, pondering how all human love and hate
Find one sad level; and how, soon or late,
Wronged and wrongdoer, each with meekened face,
And cold hands folded over a still heart,
Pass the green threshold of our common grave,
Whither all footsteps tend, whence none depart,
Awed for myself, and pitying my race,
Our common sorrow, like a mighty wave,
Swept all my pride away, and trembling I forgave!

John Greenleaf Whittier (1807-1892)

Jessy Knows


Shulamite and the Rose of Sharon

4. Draw me, we will run after thee: the king hath brought me into his
chambers: we will be glad and rejoice in thee, we will remember thy
love more than wine: the upright love thee. (Song of Solomon 1)

Bible commentators are somewhat awkward in approaching this book. F.B. Meyer deleted it in his Bible Commentary, stating that he did not
feel comfortable or authoritative. So much said about romance, anatomy
and rapture!

This is unfortunate. God the Son is shown as the relentless suitor of
the Shulamite Beauty (Israel) and of her little sister (the Gentiles,
together forming the Church).

The verse above says something marvelously accurate. I, the
individual, sense the Lord's wooing and drawing as a very personal,
intimate treasure. It seems like my own precious story. I can
anticipate the prizes of grace. "My Beloved is mine." I will rehearse
and celebrate forever my pathway to salvation and servanthood.

But the remainder of the verse is in the plural number. We will run